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      歡迎來到鹹豆漿 Welcome to Salty Soy Milk   05/10/2017

      小電影下載連結只向登入會員開放; 大陸網友不要使用騰訊QQ郵箱登記; 請上傳頭像照片和封面照片,不必是自己的,主題建議是帥哥、男體、性愛; 請多發帖回帖,稍後可能會根據會員活躍情況限制看貼許可權; 不要無意義回復:與其發“好棒”、“很贊”、“超好看”之類的回復,不如直接在對應的帖子上點贊。   Video streaming/download links are for signed-in members only; Do not register with Tencent QQ email address; Please upload a profile picture and a cover photo, not necessarily photos of yourself, but photos themed around handsome man, male body, and gay sex; Please post and comment. We may later restrict access to some posts according to user post count and/or reputation; Only reply when you have something meaningful to say: the LIKE button saves the trouble of typing up comments like “Nice photos", "Great video", ”Super awesome."
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      視頻論壇規則 Video forum rules   05/11/2017

      標題 標題應該有描述性,長度應大於10個字,讓網友看到標題就大概知道視頻的特點和大概內容。不要使用不傳遞有效資訊的標題,例如“超贊的電影”。 文章內容 內文需包含至少20字的內容介紹,中英文均可;並附帶至少一張視頻截圖或電影內容縮略拼圖。 視頻內容 不允許發佈以下內容: 非同性向電影; 女同性戀電影; 非自拍商業電影; 侵害幼童的電影; 時長不超過10秒的電影。 分享方式 請不要將視頻檔上傳論壇,我們建議您上傳至 doco.moe 後,再附上連結。本版塊的所有視頻都應該可以免費線上觀賞,同時提供下載則更佳。 Post Title Titles should be descriptive and longer than 10 characters or words, and let viewers know the contents and characters of the video. Do not use titles, such as "Hot Video", that convey little information. Post Write-up A post needs to contain at least 20 characters or words either in Chinese or English and include one screen capture or thumbnails mosaic. Video Themes The following themes are not allowed: Non-gay-adult oriented; Lesbian themed; Non-amateur commercial videos; Videos that depict minors in sexual context; Less than 10 seconds in length. Sharing Methods DO NOT upload video files to the forum! We suggest that you use doco.moe , and post a link to your uploaded video file. All videos posted in this section should be freely (as in "free beer") viewable online. and, preferably, have download links.

旧片重温 - 大学生情侣无套做爱 帅气小受露脸吮屌

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旧片重温:大学生情侣无套做爱 帅气小受露脸吮屌.jpg

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