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Salty Soy Milk - 鹹豆漿
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    • XLAT

      歡迎來到鹹豆漿 Welcome to Salty Soy Milk   05/10/2017

      小電影下載連結只向登入會員開放; 大陸網友不要使用騰訊QQ郵箱登記; 請上傳頭像照片和封面照片,不必是自己的,主題建議是帥哥、男體、性愛; 請多發帖回帖,稍後可能會根據會員活躍情況限制看貼許可權; 不要無意義回復:與其發“好棒”、“很贊”、“超好看”之類的回復,不如直接在對應的帖子上點贊。   Video streaming/download links are for signed-in members only; Do not register with Tencent QQ email address; Please upload a profile picture and a cover photo, not necessarily photos of yourself, but photos themed around handsome man, male body, and gay sex; Please post and comment. We may later restrict access to some posts according to user post count and/or reputation; Only reply when you have something meaningful to say: the LIKE button saves the trouble of typing up comments like “Nice photos", "Great video", ”Super awesome."
    • Aaron

      文學論壇規則 Stories & Fictions Forum Rules   05/27/2017

      轉載文章請儘量保留原文名稱(如為更好傳達文章主旨修改標題,請注明原標題),注明原作者,並保持文章完整; 轉載文章請使用本文附件中的Word檔工具清洗,不留亂碼; 文章應妥善排版:兩段之間應有一空行分隔。 下載附件中Word文檔,打開,拷貝粘貼您想要轉貼的文章。按下列複合鍵。 Ctrl + Alt + E 即可清除段末防抓取亂碼。 Try to keep the original title when re-posting (if a new title serves to better convey the main idea, please keep the original title as note); give credit to the writer, keep the text complete; When re-posting from other forums,  please properly cleanse the text with the Word document attached to this announcement so that no anti-crawling codes are left; Format the texts: divide two paragraphs with an empty line in between. Download the Word document enclosed, open it, copy and paste the text into the document. Press the following combination keys. Ctrl + Alt + E Waahlaah~ All the anti-crawling random codes are gone.   get-rid-of-white-chars.docm

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