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SSM - 鹹豆漿

註冊帳戶遇到問題?Trouble with signing up?



  • 盡量避免使用騰訊 QQ 等中國大陸免費郵件服務商。
  • 推薦 Outlook Hotmail 等海外免費電郵服務商。


  • 隨意編造的電郵地址無法完成註冊。
  • 一次性可拋棄郵箱無法完成註冊。


  • 檢查垃圾郵件檔案夾,如果找到,請將其移至收件夾。
  • 用網頁底部的聯絡我們表單給我們發信求助。與我們郵件對答數次後,您的郵箱會信任我們發出的驗證電郵。

Must verify email

  • Fabricated email address will not work.
  • One-time disposable email address will never pass.
  • Avoid Tencent QQ email service.

Can't receive email

  • Check your SPAM folder. If found, please move it to your inbox.
  • Email us with the contact form at the bottom of our web page. After a few rounds of correspondence, your email service provider will whitelist our email.

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